At Credencial Payments we specialize in developing Technological Solutions for the creation of Digital Payment Ecosystems.

We have vast experience boosting the growth of Fintechs across Latin America. Through our “Payment As A Service” Solution we can fulfill the different types of needs.

Complete "turnkey" Solutions:
this model is conceived for those Fintechs that prioritize their Business Plan and decide to delegate all aspects of Product, Software and Functionalities Development. In this case the Fintech gains access to a “Custom” Digital Wallet with a full digital payment suite.

Integration through services (APIs):
this alternative is the one better suited to Fintechs that choose to develop their own App since they have their own development, product and UX teams. In this case, they are connected through APIs to Credencial Payment’s HUB to gain access to the services they may require boosting their own product.

What is included in the “Custom” Digital Wallet developed by Credencial Payments?

Customized Look&Feel, as defined by the Client
Identity Verification through Biometric Facial Recognition
Digital Payment Methods
Payments (QR and M-Pos)
Recharging and Transfers
Security Settings for the End User

Why hire Credencial Payment’s “Custom” Digital Wallet?

It’s ready in only 90 days, the best Time to Market available.
The best cost/benefit ratio
It does not require hiring of IT, Products, or Security teams
It does not require the effort of software development
All in one: it has all that is necessary for a Digital Wallet
We have international certifications such as PCI DSS, ISAE 3402 and we are audited by monetary and regulatory authorities
100% Secure: with maximum security standards